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Elisabeth honors Margaret Atwood

In a post on Instagram, Elisabeth Moss posted a picture of hers and Margaret Atwood at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards that happened this last Sunday.

In the image subtitle, she thanked the author of The Handmaid’s Tale for being a heroine and for giving voice to those who can not use their own. She also said to be happy to have Margaret as a friend. Read the full message below:

I cannot ever express my gratitude to this woman to my satisfaction. She has provided a voice to so many who could not use their own, she has given us her heart and soul as readers, she has asked us to wake up and not only look around but to act and resist. She is a champion, a heroine, a rebel, and a fighter for freedom and equality. She has led the way with intelligence, bravery, strength and grace and it is one of the great honors of my life that not only do I get play one of her most prolific characters, but that I get to call her my friend. Thank you Margaret for being our heroine ??❤️#emmys#handmaidstale